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How Is a Convection Microwave Different From a Regular Microwave Oven?

Convection MicrowaveA convection microwave oven is a new type of oven that offers different cooking features. It has browning, full cooking or crisping cooking methods. Unlike the traditional oven, it doesn’t just cook the food inside. Rather, it also cooks or browns the outside of the food giving you a thoroughly cooked food on your plate.

What makes it different from a regular microwave oven?

A microwave that utilizes a convection technology has a fan inside the unit. As explained by Oven Shopper, it forces movement of air inside allowing heat to circulate. This is the reason you’ll have a thoroughly cooked food, from inside out. Thus, if you want to bake or roast foods quickly, then a convection microwave oven can provide you the cooked food that you want.

Is it possible to bake using this oven?

Yes, it is possible. But you must make sure that the model you have has a baking feature. If what you have doesn’t have that feature, then you shouldn’t consider baking using it. However, if it does have a baking setting, you must only use the appropriate baking pan.

Because it cooks food quicker, you need to adjust the time or temperature settings of the food you’re cooking.

Can I grill using a convection microwave oven?

If it comes with a grilling feature, then you can grill using it. You just need to set the right temperature and time for grilling. From there, it can work exactly like your conventional oven.

When grilling or baking a food, you don’t need to preheat the pan before using it. This is because it won’t make any difference to the final product.

Can you use any type of baking utensil or pan?

You must only use microwaveable bowls, plats, spoons or pan. Activating the convection mode of your oven may need non-stick or aluminum pans. Make sure that you’ve read the manufacturer’s guidelines on what type of pans to use.

Will the taste be different?

A convection microwave oven may use a different technology than your ordinary microwave. However, the taste will still be the same. This means that the ones you’ve baked will still taste as good as the ones you’ve baked using a regular oven. It’s because the taste will vary depending on the ingredients you’ve used and not the type of oven you’ve utilized.

In order to achieve the type of cooking you wish, you need to make sure that you’ve read the instructions of the manufacturer of your convection microwave oven.