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Advanced Woodworking Tools for Serious DIYers

Air Compressors for Wood WorkingWoodworking is a passion to some and a profession to others, but every DIYer wants to possess the perfect suit of tools for every operation that he might need to perform. Well, these air compressor ratings for bostitch and ingersoll rand may help you achieve just that.

There is a vast variety of tools out there that can perform a diversity of tasks, and below are the tools that an advanced DIYer of woodworking should possess.

Air Compressors

Air compressors come in different sizes, from small portable ones to the heavy wheeled stationary units that can be as big as a refrigerator. What makes air compressors a crucial equipment is the fact that nowadays, most tools are being driven by air which makes them more energy efficient as compared to electric tools. Compressors can be categorized by according to their size, capacity, stages of pump and oil or oil-free design. Small compressors can offer you a capacity of 4-6 gallons, they run on a 115 volt current and their price ranges up to $300. Medium sized compressors have capacity of about 25 gallons, they can power heavy tools by continuous operation and their price range is $300-500. Large sized compressors have a capacity of 60 gallons, they aren’t portable and their price range is up to $500-2000.


When it comes to woodworking, my opinion is that cutting and shaping the wood is one of the most critical tasks that needs to be performed with care and accuracy. There are basically three types of saws. Table saw, circular saw and jig saw. Table saw is capable of performing a variety of cuts and with a high degree of accuracy. It consists of a table, the middle of which is protruded by a blade which is driven by a motor and with jigs, a table saw can become invaluable. It can cut big sheets to the size required and peculiar corners and angles. Its price range is $200-1000. Portable circular saw can be referred to as the poor-man’s table saw for it is cheap, portable and flexible and with great care they can also provide accurate cuts. Their price range is $100-200. Jig saw resembles to circular saw in many ways except that it cuts slowly and is competent in cutting curves. They are safer than circular saws and also referred to as sabre saw. They compensate their slow speed with their flexibility. Their price range is $100-175.

Routers and Sanders

Routers are simple, portable and different purpose devices, which can perform a diversity of tasks with the help of supplements. It can drill holes, append edges, make dovetails, mill moldings and cut biscuit slots. They can be categorized according to their power. Low power units range from 1-2 Hp, while high power units range from 2-3.5 Hp. High power units are heavier, bigger and have more accessories. Their price range is $100-300. Sanders or Random Orbital Sanders are easy to use yet they are still finishing tools that are capable of creating highly smooth surfaces by simultaneous spinning and vibration of the tool in an orbit. Some models allow you to control the speed of the sander while some operate at a constant speed. They used to be electrically powered but nowadays they are powered by air. Before procuring a sander, make sure your air compressor provides enough cubic feet per minute (cfm) to power the sander. A sander can cost about $120.