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What are the Benefits a Water Softener Can Offer

Water SoftenerPurchasing a water softener requires a huge investment, so it’s just right to know what it can do for you.

As the term suggests, this machine softens your water. What you currently have in your tap is hard water and this type of water can cause scale buildup on your tea kettles, water heater, etc. The scale buildup can even cause clogging in your pipes.
Another problem with hard water is that it reduces the lathering capacity of soap. Plus, it reacts with soap forming sticky foam.

To combat these problems, a water softener can be implemented. You may think about filtering your sink taps but it’s not the most practical option for an average household.

Do you still need to descale when you have this unit at home?

Descaling is considered an alternative to a water softener. It addresses scale buildup in your pipes. Hence, you’ll find some water softener units on the market advertised as a salt-free water softening machine. But be aware that this type of unit isn’t an actual water softening device. Rather, it’s just a descaler that won’t change the composition of your water.

Unlike microwaves or filtration systems, this unit is cheaper. It’s also more effective in eliminating some minerals in your water that may cause health and pipe problems in the future.

In softening the water, this unit follows a simple principle. The ions of calcium and magnesium will trade places to result in a more desirable ion. Most of the time, these minerals are turned into sodium.

Sodium reacts well with soap, so it won’t form sticky foam. Plus, it doesn’t precipitate in pipes, thereby, preventing scale buildup.

How much does this unit cost?

It can run from $400 to $2,700, depending on the brand and model you have.