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Making Espresso At Home, the Right Way

Making EspressoEspresso is a type of coffee that utilizes a special kind of brewing technique which results in a coffee that is rich in flavor. It also has greater caffeine content as compared to most of the coffee types and that’s why it’s served in a smaller cup. Having a cup of espresso is all that you need to satisfy your taste buds and obtain the energy to get through the day but it’s not always possible to get a cup of espresso from coffee shop. So, it’s best to own an espresso machine and make yourself a great cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte whenever you need it. People might think that making espresso is really easy but it’s not. You have to be careful while making espresso in order to ensure that it tastes really good. The process involved is not that complicated but it requires attention. Read the guide below in order to be able to make espresso at home. In order to make a great cappuccino, latte or cafe au lait, you also need the best milk frother. You might take a look at this short list of milk frothers to make your search for a milk frother much easier.

Machine, Grinder and Coffee Beans

First of all, you will need to have these three most important things to make espresso at home. There are different kinds of espresso machines that work in a different way but the most prominent among them , according to Espresso Gustois the semi-automatic espresso machine. It is the one used by most of the coffee shops because it makes good espresso. You can also opt to purchase other machines if you want a full automatic espresso machine is easy to operate but won’t produce the best results.

The grinder is also important because you have to get the right degree of grinding for your espresso. So, get a grinder that is good and has various grinding degrees — don’t purchase a cheap grinder if you want the best taste.

Obviously, coffee beans are of great importance because they are the main ingredients for making coffee. There are different kinds of roasts for making espresso, so you should search for the one that you like.

The Process

So, when you have all the required ingredients and tools for making the espresso, it’s time to start the process of making espresso. Fill the machine with water (and beans if it’s an automatic machine) and then warm the water to 90 degree Celsius (don’t boil it)this can for instants be done in the microwave. Now, grind the coffee beans to a suitable extent (you have to figure out what’s the best grinding degree for the coffee that you are using). Use whatever means you like to measure the coffee because you have to use 7 grams for a single shot of espresso. After that, you will have to tamp the coffee, don’t do it too loosely or too hardly because it will destroy the taste of the coffee. That’s why, you should have a good tamper in order to tamp the coffee perfectly and you also have to make sure that it fits the portafilter perfectly.

Final Step: Brewing

Last of all, you need to brew the espresso. This is the most important step and requires great care. You need to attach the portafilter to the machine and then start it. Make sure that the pressure is set to 9 bars. After few seconds, the coffee will start pouring and you will have a cup of great espresso to drink.