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An Extreme Sporting Culture as Wild as the Land Is: Wyoming

Before anything else, I'm going to stick my neck out and make this claim. Pound for pound, acre for acre, and meter for meter, Wyoming is unmatched in terms of natural biodiversity, natural beauty, and breathtaking scenery - and the sparseness of its population only ensures that it will continue to be just as beautiful as it was since the first settlers came to settle in Wyoming.

This has inculcated in its settlers, and their subsequent descendants, as well as its transplants, a sense of free-spiritedness, outdoorsmanship, and independence that transcends through their local culture - and you can see it best represented in their choices of recreation.

And boy, are they EVER spoiled for choice - there is no shortage of exciting, exhilarating, and absolutely thrilling recreational activities.

But we know you want the real deal - you're looking for a thrill more intense than the usual run, the usual triathlon, or the usual biking. Well, you've come to the right place, because you're about to get schooled on 5 of Wyoming's extreme sporting events and competitions featuring the unbridled beauty and extremes that the geography of Wyoming can offer. These events are not for the faint of heart, nor are they for the novice - it takes an experienced holidaymaker to brave it out in the wilderness of Wyoming. But you already knew that.

If you ever want to leave Colorado and visit our neighboring state, these are the attractions you need to see.

1. The Grand Teton 100 Ultramarathon: Grand Teton National Park, Teton, WY

If running is your thing, and the usual mountain run is no longer of any thrill nor difficulty for you, well, are you ever in for a treat. When the Boston marathon just can't cut it anymore, you know you have to try this one out - the Grand Teton 100 Ultramarathon.

It's a 100 mile race up close and personal, and DEEP into the Teton Mountains - yes, you may have done your 100 mile marathons with ease, but we're talking about the extremes in temperature you can get in the Teton Mountain Range - and that's not even counting the air and wind factor. It's going to be very extremely demanding, but it's going to be just as very extremely rewarding once you've conquered the peaks (over 5000 feet of vertical gain every loop!) and you've gone through 36 hours of nonstop running. Even the less demanding 50 mile event that goes along with it can get VERY extremely demanding for anybody not used to mountain conditions - be sure to get medical clearance before running.

2. Freeskiing at the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club: Jackson Hole, WY

Skiing is for sissies - freeskiing is for the true daredevils. Even the best of skiers dare not attempt freeskiing, as it can have very tragic consequences; Doug Coombs, in 2006, figured in a terrible freeskiing accident. But for the true thrillseeker, nothing can match the exhilaration that ascending an unhinhabited area with no trails and no ski patrols, and conquering it can offer - make sure to head on to the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club FIRST before ever trying something like this and know what you're getting into.

3. Speed Riding at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: Jackson Hole, WY

Speed riding can be a better option for those who prefer something less extreme than the latter - and you can do it with an experienced speed rider (such as Scott Harris, who you'll find at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort). Speed riding is a hybrid between skiing and paragliding, and it's as fun as it sounds - we won't spoil it too much, but it's very safe and very fun. Make sure to book in advance first if you want to do a tandem ride, or make sure you're skilled enough before going solo.

4. Wind River Canyon Whitewater Rafting & Fly Fishing: Wind River Canyon, WY

The whitewater rafting scene in Wyoming features some of the tightest curves and highest drops - some of the most extreme courses need you to be a very experienced rafter. Make sure to get your reps in - if you have access to a rowing machine, let me tell you something - it works. For me, having access to the Kettler Favorit machine, which I think uses the best mechanism for an indoor rower, really helped me get my reps in, because if you haven't tried rafting like this before, you're gonna feel a burn you'll never forget.

5. The 2017 Tour de Wyoming: Cheyenne, Wheatland, Rock River, Saratoga, Battle Pass, and Laramie, WY

The 2017 Tour de Wyoming is an amazing six-day ride featuring hundreds of miles of the best scenery Wyoming can offer. The 2017 edition, which is to be held this July, will go through a route featuring Cheyenne, Wheatland, Rock River, Saratoga, Battle Pass, and Laramie, before heading back to Cheyenne. It's the best way to experience the beauty of Wyoming, all from a first-class bicycle seat.